All of our beef and pork is processed by Chuck's Meat Locker in Ivesdale, IL. After you complete an order with us, we will take the animal, when ready, to the locker. Once it is at the locker, we will notify you so that you can contact Chuck's Locker (217-564-2266) or us as to how you would like your meat cut and packaged. When the meat is ready (usually 2 weeks), you will be notified. You will be responsible for paying Chuck's for the processing at pick up as well as Cow Creek for the animal. These bills will be separate.

All of our livestock is on a first come, first served basis based upon availablity.


The beef that we raise on our farm are Angus-Hereford cross. Our beef is sold by the whole, half, and half of a half, or quarter. A whole cow weighing 1200 pounds will yield approximately 700 pounds of retail cuts with a half at 350 pounds and a half of a half at 175 pounds. Please contact us if you are interested in beef.

  Whole Half Half of a Half
Steaks 22% / 154 lbs 22% / 77 lbs 22% / 38.5 lbs
Roasts 22% / 154 lbs 22% / 77 lbs 22% / 38.5 lbs
Ground 26% / 182 lbs 26% / 91 lbs 26% / 45.5 lbs
Inedibles* 30 % / 210 lbs 30% / 105 lbs 30% / 102.5 lbs
Totals 100% / 700 lbs 100% / 350 lbs 100% / 175 lbs

*Inedibles include bone, head, hide, intrails, feet, and fat

Tips for Ordering Beef Cuts

Click here for more information about beef cuts

There are several factors that go into the decision of ordering beef cuts. Two factors to consider are: how much beef you want (don't forget to think about how much freezer space that you have) and how you would like your beef processed. Before ordering, think about what cuts of beef you and your family enjoy cooking and eating.

Deciding on what beef cuts to order can be a challenging decision. Since we sell our beef based upon the pounds and not individual cuts, you will receive a little of everything. However, you do have choices. Things to think about: do you use a lot of ground beef, do you like casseroles and hamburgers? Would you like your ground beef in 1 lb., 1 1/2 lb., or 2 lb. packages, would you like some pre-cut hamburger patties? Do you like roasts or would you prefer more steaks and ground beef? For your steaks, how thick do you like them, anywhere from 3/4" to 2" and how many steaks would you like per package? Do you use stew meat or beef kabobs? Do you use liver, soup bones or heart?

The main thing to remember is that this is your beef, so have it cut and packaged the way that you like it, to suit you and your family. And don't forget that Chuck's Locker and Cow Creek Farm will be more than happy to help you.


The pork that we raise is Berkshire and Berkshire Cross. More information about pork cuts to come later. We do not have any pork available at this time, but please contact us if you are interested in pork in the future.


The chickens that we raise are Freedom Rangers, a heritage meat breed. Our chickens are sold by the whole, weighing 3-5 lbs. per dressed bird. They are raised in open, portable pens and have access to grains, along with fresh grass and sunshine to roam in. Our chickens are available mid-summer. Please contact us if you are interested in chicken.